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Well, look at you! You have proven to be amongst the most curious of explorers if you’ve found your way to this page. Your curiosity will serve you well as long as you take care to apply what you learn.

Unfortunately, you may not learn much on this page. Most small businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs love to add this fun “About Me” section to their websites. But it doesn’t add much value for you, the reader. It is mostly written for ourselves and to help build our brand. For me, I’m writing this so you can judge my credibility directly and so I put some of my thoughts on how this site will work on paper.

I acknowledge that you may not directly gain much from reading this. And yet, I will still take the time to write it all out. Mostly to help me clarify just what it is I’m doing here. So, read on if you dare. You can get to know a little about me and the vision for this website.

Hi! I’m Daniel.

I’ll start with a little about my background so you know where I’m coming from. I recommend that you always look for something like this when you’re exploring the interwebs. Basically anyone can say anything on the internet so it is up to YOU to determine if the source is credible or not. A little background info on the writer or owner of the website helps you determine credibility.

I started my career with a national home service company. I rose through the ranks quickly and had the opportunity to live and work for the company all over the west side of the US. I learned a ton about consultative sales (my favorite way to sell), managing operations, quality management, training & employee development, and front line HR.

After that, I took the leap into entrepreneurship and opened a small business. We started in retail and expanded into a couple of service ventures. I started wearing all the hats and learned about local marketing, bookkeeping, business strategy, and organizational development.

I realized how much I loved business and that I wanted to share that passion with my community. So, I started consulting. It started with a fun project to revamp the operations of a nonprofit and shift their trajectory back toward their mission. I got to work on every aspect of the organization and help lead change. It was immensely fulfilling and made me want to just keep consulting to help more organizations reach their goals.

During the early years of small business ownership, I started a learning journey. After opening the store, I realized just how much I didn’t know. It started with reading. I started reading blogs (kinda like this one). The blogs just made me want to dig deeper. So, I added in books. Which made me want to dig deeper.

So, I went back to school. Night classes at my local community college. I got an associate’s degree with an emphasis in business. Which made me want to learn more. I went and got my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from the University of Northern Colorado. And … you guessed it. I wanted to learn more.

Which brings us to the present. By day, I’m a small business and nonprofit consultant. At night, I’m studying for a Master of Business Administration with certificates in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University. My learning journey continues and I’m loving it! I hope I can share a lot of it with you here.

So, why start theBIZtutor?

Good question! What is it that I’m really doing here? Along my journey, I’ve learned that I am most fulfilled when I am helping others. It makes me feel good to help others succeed. That’s what I want to do with my time. I’m also extremely passionate about small business. It is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. And the people that choose that lifestyle are my tribe. They are the most optimistic and hopeful people on the planet. They solve problems and make the world better. Their energy is absolutely inspiring.

I know from experience that the two things that are always tight in small organizations are time and money. And these days, the first place most of us turn when we have a problem that we need to tackle or something we want to learn is the internet. Here we are. On the internet right now. This website is how I want to bridge my passions for helping and the need for free, easy to absorb learning resources for small organizations.

I’m going to try to break down business topics into 5-10 minute reads that provide value and include actionable suggestions. I’ll probably get a little long-winded on some things and write some longer posts now and then, but that should add some good variety to the content and give you a place to dig a little deeper into some things.

This will be mostly a passion project to start. The model I have in mind requires some decent traffic to work out (so, if you like the content, send some things to your friends or share them to social media). I’m going to eventually monetize this site with ads and affiliate links. I’ll always be transparent about what the ads and affiliate links are, no trickery here.

If we grow well, I may need some help with the content at which point I’ll start soliciting for guest writers (and probably guest write on some other blogs to help get more traffic here). I’d like to always generate free content, but I may play with some pay-walled courses or certifications at some point. If the demand is there, we could do some merch. And maybe, one day in the distant future, this could all be turned into a book. That’s on my bucket list.

What if the project flops?

That’s a real risk in any venture. I might put a ton of my time and energy into this site and there may not be a financial payoff in the end. That’s okay. Obviously, making a decent revenue is the goal and will be pursued. But there’s another motive here too.

I have mountains of notes from classes and a bunch of books on my shelf that I have read over the years. Part of my plan for where all of the content on this site comes from is to revisit all of those resources and type it all out, break it all down into usable, actionable snippets that I can reference. I’m a little old school with some things and all of my notes are handwritten. But I’m still a bit of a techy, so they were handwritten in OneNote on my iPad and they’re all saved in the cloud. But I want to get them all consolidated and searchable.

So, if the only people that read this are my wife and my mom (hi, mom!), then so be it. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a couple of years and I need to bring it to life.

There it is…

I wrote about a lot of things that may or may not be of value to you. I’ll try to make this the last time that I’m not hyper-focused on providing value to you. But I really needed to just write this all down to get this thing going. I wanted to give you a basis to judge for yourself if the information that I’ll give you is worth a read. I encourage you to be curious and be skeptical. Question things often and learn frequently. I’m really looking forward to this journey and I’m glad that you’re here.

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Hi! I’m Daniel, theBIZtutor. I hope you enjoyed reading and that you got some value for your time. I'm always trying to improve, so please leave me a comment or send me an email with your suggestions or ideas. And if you enjoyed your visit and got some value, please consider looking around some more or send me a note of encouragement!

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